Bring Your Own Device Scheme

culford girls with laptop

Pupils are required to use their device in the classroom for various tasks, research and assignments. It is therefore important that pupils have a devise which is suited to them and the GCSE or A Level courses they are taking.

Suitable Devices

To ensure Culford’s IT network is secure, safe and efficient for everybody to use, all guest devices are scanned by the system to ensure they are compliant with the School’s policy. If the device does not meet the specified requirements, it will not be permitted to join the Culford IT network.

It is recommended that the device has a conventional full British hardware keyboard, screen size between 12”-15” and suitable means of backup, either cloud or USB based. Pupils should be familiar with their device, and it must also meet the minimum hardware and software requirements.

For more detailed requirements please download the Bring Your Own Device Policy leaflet:


If you have any more questions please contact the IT Department on 01284 385328 or email