Common Room List

Headmaster and Administration Offices
J F Johnson-Munday MA MBA Headmaster
Dr J Guntrip BSc PhD Deputy Head

Headmasters Office

Mrs N Emms BA Headmaster's Assistant PA
Mrs J Bendy  Common Room Secretary 
Miss R Jobbins Headmaster's Administrator
Mrs S Tilly Deputy Head's PA
Mrs C Holder and Mrs J Constable  School Receptionists

Communications Office

Ms M Power BA MEd Head of Communications
Miss Anna Paterson BA CIM Marketing Manager

Foundation Office 

Mrs J Johnson-Munday LLB  Foundation Director
Mrs S Salisbury Foundation Manager
Mr A Day  Database and Alumni Relations Manager

Admissions Office

Mr D V Watkin BEd Admissions Director
Mrs K Tompkinson Registrar 
Mrs M Dodd UK Recruitment Manager

Finance & Operations Department

Mrs E Boardley BA FCCA Finance and Operations Director
Mr Patrick Armstrong ACMA CGMA Management Accountant  
Mrs F Lee AAT Events Co-ordinator 
Miss A Oxford BA Assistant Management Accountant
Mrs J Waters BA MAAT Commercial and Operation Assistant
Mrs S Taylor Purchase Ledger Administrator
Mr R Jessup Billing Administrator
Miss P Norman HR Administrator
Miss L Lonergan Trainee Billing Administrator 
Senior Common Room 
Miss T Rankin BA Head of Department   
Mr L Hoggar BA    Art and Design Teacher
Mrs B A Hunt BA Art Teacher
Miss K Noorlander    Art Technician
Mr D Nichols BSc Head of Department
Mr S Arbuthnot MSc   Head of Sixth Form 
Mrs S Deering MA     Head of Department     
Mr I C Devlin BEd        Head of Department     
Miss J Cooke BA    
Miss M Jackson BA RADA MA Director of Drama, LAMDA Teacher
Miss J Ricketts BA Contemporary Dance Teacher
Mr D Sykes BA Drama Technician
Mrs H F Baker BSc   Head of Department and Science and Numeracy Support Teacher           
Mrs A Burge BA Head of PSHCE
Mrs B Recknell BA MA  
Mrs A Glassbrook BA Head of Department
Mr J Holiday-Scott BA Housemaster of Edwards
Mrs R Radlett BA  
Miss E Williams BA  
Mr M H Barber MA Head of Department and Head of Independent Learning
Mrs A Burge BA Head of PSHCE
Mrs L Bryant BA Housemistress of Fitzgerald
Miss G Nind BSc  
Mr M Rackowe BA Head of Department
Mr P M Jones MA  
Mr J W Tyler MA BSc Head of ICT
Mr L New  Head of IT Services
Mr S Redpath Senior IT Technician
Mr G Stirling-Yeatman IT Technician
Mr S Redpath Senior IT Technician
Mr N Murray BA  Head of Department and Learning Development Teacher
Mr N J Tully BSc  Head of Department
Mr B O’Riordan PhD Assistant Head of Department
Mr G Reynolds BEng  Assistant Head (Pastoral) and Housemaster of Cornwallis
Mr J Veitch BA BSc Examinations Officer  
Mrs S J Flack BA    
Mr A R Deane BA               Head of Department
Miss C Escriva Beltran BA French and Spanish Teacher
Ms K Waghorn BA Head of Spanish and Deputy Housemistress of Fitzgerald 
Mr P R Burge Mus B LTCL ALCM Director of Music
Mr D Bolton Dip Mus Head of Brass
Mr J D Recknell MA FRCO  Head of Keyboard
Mrs J Welsh BMus LRSM Head of Strings
Mr A Northcote Head of Senior Sport and Cricket
Mrs K Kemp BEd Head of PE
Mr M Bolton BSc Director of Prep Sport and Head of Rugby
Mrs E Long BSc   Head of Athletics and Equestrian
Miss C Olley BSc             Head of Netball
Miss E Thornbury Head of Hockey
Mrs C Reynolds BEd PE Teacher
Mr J Beaumont Cricket Specialist and Games Coach
Mr L Dodd PGA Head of Golf
Mr D Hall   Head of School and Community Tennis
Mr D Pilbrow Head of Performance Swimming
Mr J D Yates Head of  Tennis
Miss L Kammeijer                 Hockey Specialist and Games Coach
Revd S Crompton-Battersby BTh  Chaplain
Miss S Haughey MA MPhil     Head of Department and Housemistress of Jocelyn
Mr J Holiday-Scott BA  
Mr D Rees BSc                           Head of Science
Mrs S L Antonietti BSc  
Mr J Fox BSc Head of Department and Deputy Housemaster of Cornwallis
Mr J Christopher BSc  Head of Timetabling and Data Analysis
Mr D Edwards BSc Physics Teacher
Mrs S English MA Physics Teacher
Dr A Butler BSc PhD            Head of Department
Mr A P Fisk MSc Head of Department
Dr J Guntrip BSc PhD Deputy Head and Head of Scholars 
Miss H Frampton BSc Biology Teacher
Mrs B Murray TTHD Dip SpLD Head of Department 
Mrs J Cope BA Cert SpLD  
Prep School Common Room 

Mr M Schofield BEd 


Mrs C Bentley BEd Deputy Head 
Mr J Herd BSc  Assistant Head/Housemaster of Cadogan
Mr M Bolton BSc Director of Sport and Activities
Mrs S Ahrens MA Ed Head of History
Mrs K Allum BEd        Learning Development Teacher
Mr N Anns BEd Head of Mathematics
Mrs D Barker Maitrise FLE Head of French
Mrs T Black                                  Librarian
Mrs C Blake BEd Learning Development Teacher
Mr J Calvert BA Head of Religious Studies and Drama
Mrs K Clarke BEd Lower Second Class Teacher
Mr S Clay MA Head of Music
Mrs S Combes BA Music Teacher
Rev S Crompton-Battersby BTh Chaplain
Mrs K Dearman  First Form Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Deering MA Head of Classics
Mrs R Drake BA Lower Second Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Mrs N Gumbleton MA Lower Second Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mrs S Guntrip BSc Lower First Class Teacher
Mrs A Hafermann BSc MA Head of Science
Mr R McAlister BA Head of Geography
Miss K McCarthy MA Head of Spanish
Mrs B Murray TTHD Dip SpLD Head of Learning Development
Miss S O'Neil BA Head of English
Mrs B Recknell BEd EAL Teacher
Mrs J Ricketts BA LAMDA and Contemporary Dance Teacher
Mrs C Rosten BSc  Science Technician
Mrs E Veitch BEd Lower First Class Teacher, Activity House Coordinator
Mr D Venables BSc Science Teacher
Mrs K Waghorn BA  French Teacher
Mrs C Wakefield MSc Upper First Class Teacher
Mrs H Whiter BA Head of Art and DT
Pre-Prep Common Room
Mrs S Preston BA Head Teacher
Miss K Trow BA Nursery Manager, Level 3 Forest Leader
Miss S Widger BSc QTS Senior Teacher
Miss K Harrison BEd Senior Teacher
Mrs M Anderson Level 3 Cache Teaching Assistant, Level 3 Forest Leader
Mrs N Brown NNEB Teaching Assistant, After School Care
Mrs K Cattliff French Teacher
Mrs F Caumont Spanish Teacher
Mrs S Combes BA Dip LCM Head of Pre-Prep Music
Mrs E Endean BA Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Grey DPP Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Hansgate BSc PE Teacher
Mrs R Leslie BA PE Teacher
Mrs A Morrell BEd Class Teacher
Mrs D Rampling NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant 
Mrs R Ratcliffe BEd Class Teacher, Learning Development
Miss N Rodwell EYP Teaching Assistant, Level 3 Forest Leader
Mrs J Suckling BA Class Teacher and Early Years Coordinator
Mrs D Lomas BA Class Teacher
Miss R Sochon Level 3 Teaching Assistant 
Nursery Common Room 
Miss E Saxton  Nursery Manager
Miss N Attwood Deputy Manager
Miss F Foulger  Nursery Assistant
Miss E Green Nursery Assistant
Mrs E Herd Deputy Manager
Miss B Miller Nursery Assistant