Equestrian Update November 2018

Equestrian Update November 2018

Pupil Leah and her pony Harry reached the final for the Devoucoux Challenge this weekend. 

The competition is for Area 8 Pony Club members and has been running for three years in collaboration with Devoucoux and Piggy French. The competition works by collating a score based on pony club rallies attended, competitions entered and places in those competitions. 

Leah was lucky enough to be shortlisted in the top four, which meant she was invited to attend a day at Piggy French’s yard in Northamptonshire. The finalists would be coached by Piggy, have a tour of her yard and have the opportunity to meet some top class eventing horses. They also got to ride in some amazing Devoucoux saddles and were allowed to use her facilities, such as the gallops.

Leah had an amazing day and found spending the day with Piggy really inspiring. She was in awe of her yard and was lucky enough to see Piggy’s World Equestrian Games medal!

Devoucoux provided all the four finalists with a goody bag and it was also announced that Leah and Harry had the highest score, therefore making them the winners of the challenge. Leah received a £300 gift voucher to spend on Devoucoux products.

A great day all round! 


Across the weekend of 10 and 11 November, the team riders went to the Jays showground in Bury St Edmunds to compete in an NSEA competition.

The course was tough, with a water tray which looked like a snake under a bridge filler spooking a lot of the horses. The girls had refusals and falls at this fence and others. They got back on, rode and did their absolute best. This is what competitive horse riding is about; it isn’t just about the winning! It is about building resilience, courage and determination – recognising that even when things maybe haven’t gone to plan, we pick ourselves back up, get back on and try harder.

I am very proud of the girls for their dedication, for always trying and not stopping or giving up. Falling off a horse in a forward canter around a course of jumps is highly unpleasant and never enjoyable, more so in front of an audience and when  hopes of success have been high.

Our Culford team embodied the spirit of the school yesterday by showing that we will not give in, we will pursue strength and excellence and will not give up! Well done girls!

Ruth Radlett