Girls Netball Wednesday 22nd February vs Orwell Park

Girls Netball Wednesday 22nd February vs Orwell Park

Lost 10-12
MVP - Emma Stow

A close game throughout with both teams making errors and interceptions. Orwell Park were the driving force during the game, meaning that Culford were always chasing the lead. After the second 7 minutes the score was 7 v 7.  Going into the last 7 minutes Culford continued to fight hard and made lots of turnovers in the centre third. However, Orwell Park managed to just pull away in the last couple of minutes winning the game. 


Lost 4-10
MVP - Marta Sagardoy

With a large squad seeing all Upper Three girls playing, this resulted in there being lots of changes during each 7 minutes.  The girls worked really hard and moved the ball down the court nicely. It took the girls a while to settle into the attacking end, however when the ball was fed successfully into Marta Sagardoy, she was consistent in converting her shots. The girls never let their heads go down and kept going until the final whistle.  Another game next week will give them more opportunity at match play.



Lost 8-11
MVP - Tallulah Lacey

Culford’s passing was not accurate at the start of the game due to the tight marking from Orwell Park. The team trailed in the first 7 minutes by 3 goals to 5. After a few changes, the team fought hard to get back into the match and won the second 7 minutes by 3 goals to 5, which meant that the score was 6-7. Going into the last third, the team was changed again so that everyone played in the game. The Culford team scored a further 3 goals. But it wasn’t enough, as the Orwell team scored 4 more. The final result was a win to Orwell Park. However, this was a good learning game for the girls and with one more game next week before IAPS they have lots to work on.


Lost 2-9
MVP - Lia Cutmore & Ruth Almond

The B Team had a large squad playing, which meant that the team was almost completely different for each 7 minutes. In the first third, the opposition managed to score 3 goals. Although Culford had many chances, they could not convert them. The game continued to be played from end to end, however the Orwell team scored with every attempt and unfortunately Culford narrowly missed every time. Tireless play from Ruth Almond and Lia Cutmore provided the shooters with their chances. The highlight was the final third as the team managed to draw.


Lost 2-3
MVP - Polly Cailes

This shortened match was good practice for the IAPS tournament next week. Culford needed to get into their pattern of play quickly and establish their control of the game. They started well, taking an early lead, and Polly was outstanding at GD making some valuable interceptions. Anoushka is improving each week, showing good vision to pass the ball out of defence. Although Culford fell behind early in the second half, they did not give up, and can look forward to next week's tournament with confidence.


Won 3-1
MVP - Bella Sinclair

Bella Sinclair played with dominance in the B team match, making some excellent interceptions of the ball; displaying her speed around the court to support both the defence and attack. This, together with some excellent shooting by Charlotte Mole, allowed Culford to take an early lead which they deservably held on to.


Lost 0-6

MVP - Imogen Gotch

Imogen Gotch impressed in the C team match, showing good vision and determination to gain possession of the ball for her team. Culford played some decent passing netball, but were unable to cope with the height of the Orwell Park defence, nor the accuarcy of their shooters.


Lost 1-4
MVP - Lucy Taylor

In their first match of the term, the U11D team played with enthusiasm and spirit. Despite taking an early lead through Annabelle Herbert, they were unable to maintain the momentum, and Orwell Park drew ahead. However, all will have learnt from their experience and will have improved their understanding of the game.