Netball- 16 March 2016

Netball- 16 March 2016

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Player of the day: Maisie Fitton

U13A Team v Brandeston Hall: Won 13-2

Player of the match: Maisie Fitton

The girls started off the game well and were moving the ball safely up the court. Kimaya Surti and Holly Reynolds were both shooting nicely which resulted in the scoreline. Maisie Fitton and Ella Francis Alagoa were, as always, instrumental in the defensive circle at making interceptions and getting rebounds.

U13A Team v Finborough: Won 4-3

Player of the match: Maisie Fitton

Culford were the dominant team in the first half and were working the ball well, however still forcing the ball with inappropriate passing decisions in the attack, finishing the first half 4-0. In the second half Finborough came out strong, and pulled the gap back. With 40 seconds left to go, Culford just needed to stop the ball getting into the shooting circle, which they successfully achieved, resulting in a win by 1.

U13B Team v Brandeston: Won 14-0

Player of the match: Hettie Carter

Hettie Carter and Yiannoula Frenandes worked well together in defence making some good interceptions. Centre court work linked well with Amelia Brayshaw, Georgia Preston and Sophie Connor moving the ball across the channels smoothly. The twins as shooters especially Nina Dahl did well holding her space to allow the ball over and shooting closer to the post.

U13B Team V Finborough: Won 13-0

Player of the match: Nina Dahl Girls as a whole were more feisty in this game showing some competitiveness. Sophie Connor playing WA and Amelia Brayshaw playing C held good positions at the circle feeding the balls in. Hettie Carter played a more attacking GD and this supported the play well, using her for backwards passing helping to switch the channels. Yiannoula Fernandes always solid in defence and did well staying to her GS blocking her out of the game. And the twins as usual just shot the goals.

U12A Team v Brandeston: Won 18-2

Player of the match: Evie Hall

The team played a perfect game of netball, passing was accurate, timing was perfect and shooting was strong. They showed how well they have progressed throughout the season and deserved to win the game.

U12A Team v OBH: Won 13-3

Player of the match: Alice Wilson This was another super display of netball. Every member of the team played her part perfectly and this was a great victory. The U11 Netball teams had a great afternoon playing against Brandeston Hall and Finsborough. The A team showed the benefits of having played in the IAPS tournament, with confident shooting, slick passing and greater understanding of movement patterns up the court. They did not allow their heads to go down when the other team scored first, and settled quickly into their game. With outstanding shooting from MVP Madeleine, ably supported by Isobel, they dominated both their matches.


U11A Team v Brandeston A: Won 8-1

U11A Team v Finborough A: Won 11 -7

Player of the matches: Madeleine Lorriman-Hughes

The B team did equally well, beating Brandeston 3-0, and Finborough 8-0. Georgie Stammers and Georgia Ironmonger linked up well within the shooting circle, whilst Georgia and Lily had the ‘twin-telepathy’ in mid court – finding each other easily despite taller players.


U11B Team v Brandeston: Won 3-0

U11B Team v Finborough: Won 8-0

Player of the matches: Lily Ironmonger