Netball Results - January 2018

Netball Results - January 2018

Wednesday 31 January
Culford v St Faiths

U13A Lost 12-19
Player of the match: Isobel Melville-Ross

A close game to begin with it being goal for goal.  Culford worked the ball well up the court, however at times still hiding behind their players.  At half time is was 7-8 to St Faiths and they changed their shooting combination around resulting in them driving into the circle well.  Culford continued to fight until the end. 

U13B Lost 5-13
Player of the match: Jessica Peters

Culford started off slowly but in the middle of the game coped well with their attack and began to dominate the ball a little more.  Unfortunately, St Faith’s shooting combination was stronger and we could not break it.

U12A Lost 2-19
Player of the match: Leah Fitton

Culford started slowly and struggled to get free for the Ball.  Leah Fitton was strong at both ends of the court and held her space well in the shooting circle. At times Culford drove with success into space which resulted in the ball moving down the court swiftly.

U12B Drew 1-1
Player of the match: Jasmine Westcott

A very strong performance by all girls, and the score line reflected the game perfectly.  Culford were 1-0 up until a few minutes before the end of the game.  Game was really even throughout and Jasmine Westcott defended the play well.

U12C Lost 1-5
Player of the match: Alex Edwards

A busy afternoon for U12C team who played both u13c and U12C teams.  By the end girls were tired but kept fighting for the ball and working to ball down the court well in the centre third.

U11A Lost 1-12 
Player of the match: Addie Hafermann

This match was a game of two halves. The first half was dominated by St Faith’s who moved the ball with ease down the court and scored from most of their attempts on goal. Culford had their chances, but could not score any goals in the first 2 quarters, which meant that St Faith’s lead the match 10-0 by half time. After some changes and a reshuffle of positions, Culford managed to show a wonderful fighting spirit and managed to score a goal and the third quarter and held St Faith’s to only 2 goals. The final quarter was very well matched both defences played outstandingly well and did not conceded any goals. Addie Hafermann was outstanding throughout the court and her performance inspired the rest of her team to play so well in the second half of the game.

U11B Lost 2-8
Player of the match: Olivia Edwards and Annabelle Herbert 

U11C Lost 1-7
Player of the match: Kate Gibbs

This was a tougher match for the girls who worked hard to ensure the score was a close as it was. They played increasingly well as the match progressed, fighting back from a 3 goal deficit, and working hard to act upon advice given to them between quarters.. The girls’ next step is to further develop the  accuracy of their passes to allow them to dominate possession of the ball more.

U11D Lost 1-7
Player of the match: Tegan Clarke, Elizabth Gawthorpe and Emily Bridges

It was a good game and the team fought hard and were playing against the majority of St Faiths C team . They used the space in the court well and pulled back to try to get free. St Faiths were hot on their toes and used their heights well which meant that Culford often lost play of the ball.
Great interception by Elizabeth Gawthorpe (GD) and Emily Bridges (GS). Caitlin Kent energetically  darted round the court trying to out run her opponent!

U11E Lost 1-6 
Player of the match: Gracie Speed 

For some girls this was their first match and quite exciting. St Faiths had a good shooting combination and took the lead early on, however the defence of Charlotte James, Evie Hollingsworth and Gracie Speed at GK soon got into the game and stopped the scoring by half time. The last quarter was by far the best with Culford being able to move the ball up the court without any interceptions at one point.

U9A Drew 2-2
Player of the match: Hope Deane

U9B Won 1-0
Player of the match: Eve Totman

U9C Lost 
Player of the match: Romilly Glover 


Wednesday 24 January 
Culford v Kings College and Barnardiston Hall 

U13A Lost 13-43
Player of the match: Isobel Melville-Ross and Lucy Samson-Jamil

A tough match today in wet and miserable conditions, however Culford started off well and the first quarter was close at times.  Kings College had a strong shooter which unfortunately was extremely hard to mark and make interceptions against.  Today’s score line may be large however it gave the team a chance to try different combinations and tactics that we will continue to develop over the coming weeks in preparation for IAPS.  The girls were great at motivating each other and kept going throughout the game never giving up.  

U13B Lost 3-20 and Lost 4-13
Player of the match: Lia Cutmore 

The U13B team were playing 2 matches back-to-back against Kings College U13B and U13C teams. We started off both games well but the speed of attack and ferocious defending of the opposition meant the girls tired quickly and Kings College were able to be dominant. Although the girls battled well, the superior shooting of Kings College provided an overly flattering scoreline. Speed of play, precision passing and movement off the ball are areas to work on for the future matches this term.

U12A Lost 1-5
Player of the match: Leah Fitton

U12B Lost-3-5
Player of the match: Nellie Ong

The girls in both teams once again worked extremely well, showing a fantastic level of enthusiasm and enjoyment for the game. Olivia Whyte showed much determination and grit when intercepting the ball. Charlotte Mole demonstrated good leadership in captaining her team. Despite the losses, they played well and attacked with force. The girls now need to focus a little more defending their goal and foot work.

U11A Won 4-1
Player of the match: Addie Hafermann and Millie Hansgate 

This was an even match from the start and the U11’s had a better understanding of each other. Having worked on their back line passing out of defence this week, their movement down the court was much improved and Addie Hafermann timing and passing into the shooters was outstanding. Millie Hansgate combined well with Erica Blanchard and they scored from most of their opportunities. The next area to work on will be footwork as we lost possession at times through taking too many steps. Great team effort and looking forward to next week’s match against St Faith’s.

U11B Won 2-0
Player of the match: Libby Hart

U11B team played a good team game this week and all contributed to the win against King's. They moved the ball about well and Libby Hart and Kate Gibbs were particularly effective in intercepting and distributing the ball around the court. All players improved on their basics from the defeat of the previous week and, as a result, were able to ensure a convincing win against opposition that was strong in their attacking play.

U11C Won 4-1
Player of the match: Lucia Meredith-Banton

The girls once again worked extremely well as a team, showing a fantastic level of enthusiasm and increasing drive to possess the ball. Lucia Meredith-Banton impressed in her position as Goal Defence, supporting her team mates right across the court and well deserving her most valued player accolade. However, Savannah Ferro also deserves a special mention for her increasing sense of confidence which allowed her to become an even more integral part of the attacking team.   The girls now need to focus a little more on their footwork which occasionally let them down, granting the opposition possession of the ball. All in all, however, a very pleasing result.


Wednesday 17 January 
Culford v St Johns 

U13A Lost 21-22
Player of the match: Isobel Melville-Ross 

An extremely close match with both teams playing some exceptional netball as well as making unforced errors.  Culford worked the ball well up the court and Isobel Melville-Ross fed the ball extremely well into the shooting circle, when she moved to WA in the second quarter.  Culford had the led for the majority of the game however the speed of St John’s passing in the last quarter and their accurate shooting saw them take the win in the last 25 seconds of the game.  Thrilling game to watch.

U13B Lost 6-10
Player of the match: Amelia Loden

The game started and ended in the same fashion, pace and freneticism. Culford girls and St John’s were extremely tight and hard to separate for three quarters of this match. The Culford girls played extremely well, working well as a team and helping each other to improve. A few minutes lapse in concentration lost the game but it is a fantastic step in the right direction towards the future.

U12A Lost 7-14
Player of the match: Patience Leslie 

Culford struggled to contend in the first half but took note of some simple advice and improved vastly in the third and final quarter. The team has a lot of potential if they perform the simple skills well.

U12B Won 12-6
Player of the match: Nellie Ong and Josie Gooderham 

After a fast and furious start, with a number of inaccurate passes from most players, the girls began to settle and slow down into a rhythm. At times, the partnership between centre (Nellie) and Josie (WA) was outstanding, leading to some swift goals. All the girls played very well in extremely cold conditions.

U11A Lost 1-7
Player of the match: Anya Lorriman-Hughes and Sharma Green 

This match was a good first game of the season, which highlighted a few key areas that the team will need to work on. St John’s were very good at marking ball side and the Culford players were not strong enough to be able to get the ball to their team mates. We struggled to get the ball out of defence in the first quarter, however the score was only 1-2. Unfortunately this was our only goal of the match and St John’s managed to score another 2 goals per quarter. Anya Lorriman-Hughes played outstandingly well and Sharma Green was moved from the B team into the A’s and worked well defending in the circle with Anya. The team now needs to work on their passing and also to introduce a few set plays for the next match.

U11B Lost 10-4
Player of the match: Erica Blanchard 

A good first game of the season and although it resulted in a defeat the girls did, in fact, score more goals than St John's in the second quarter. Unfortunately the St John's girls were faster both on and off the ball and many of the Culford passes were made to their team mates too close to St John's and therefore balls were intercepted. When the girls stepped up their work rate they were able to move the ball down the court rapidly and both Erica and Fatima worked well together as an attacking partnership with Fatima playing in her first competitive netball match and improving throughout the game. Once the team improves their speed of reaction and accuracy of passing they should be able to achieve some pleasing results. 

Player of the match: Tess Gillis

This match proved a great start to the season with all of the girls keen to get stuck in and demonstrating impressive teamwork. They were wonderfully encouraging of each other in play and worked well to move the ball around the court. St John’s struggled to match our passing and often failed to effectively mark our girls meaning that the vast majority of attempts on goal were ours. Olivia Dearman worked hard as goal shooter, scoring the majority of our goals and Lucia Meredith-Banton formed the backbone of our defensive team. Special mention must also be made of Lola Gredley and Tess Gillis whose speed, accuracy and agility moving around the court provided enormous back up to both offensive and defensive players. Well done, girls!