Netball Results - November and December 2017

Netball Results - November and December 2017

Wednesday 29 November

U9 Blue - 7 a side netball festival

This was a wonderful little tournament with five different schools attending. The standard of play was very good considering that this was the first time that schools had been playing 7 a side. The results were as follows:

v Barnardiston – won 3-0

v Finborough – won 2-1

v Orwell Park – lost 0-5

v Framligham B – won 3-0

v Framligham A – drew 1-1

Player of the match: Phoebe John/Connie Fitton

What a delightful group of girls. They had to play in freezing rain and never once moaned. They have been a super group of girls all season and really improved their standard of play.

U9 Red and White v Orwell Park B

Culford Red and White teams both faced Orwell Park B team today in a little triangular round robin.  The red team played some great netball today moving the ball nicely down the court however they came up against a strong defender on the opposition so struggled to get the ball over to her. With a reshuffle of teams saw some of the L1 moving into this team today.  The match against Orwell Park saw them finish 2 - 2 draw at the end.  Against the white team the red team took control of the game and moved into lots of space finishing the game 6-1.

Culford White had a good game against Orwell Park B and although the score doesn’t necessarily reflect this the girls learned lots from the experience and again there was lots of L1 girls in the team who have grown so much over the term.  The game finished with the score being 0-5 in Orwell Park’s favour.  In the game against the Red’s, the white team took on board advice and got into space much better, resulting in them moving the ball into their shooters.  The game finished 1-6 to the reds.  

Players of the match: Red (Charlotte Anderson) and White (Jasmine Steady)

U9 Green v Orwell Park Blue and Gold

The green team had a triangular match with two Orwell Park teams today.  Their first game against the Blue team saw them move the ball nicely and they scored a goal however this was the stronger of the two teams and they lost 1-3.  When they came up against the gold team the Culford girls played a much better game and were more consistent with their shooting.  They won the game 4-1.

Player of the match - Esmee Hillier


Friday 24 November 

U9 Blue Team v Old Buckenham Hall

Won: 9-7

Player of the match: Henrietta Wilson/Caitlin Magee

This was a closely fought game right from the whistle. Both teams scored from every centre pass which meant that by quarter time the score was 3-3. The next quarter was closely matched again with 2 more goals from each team being scored. Half time the score reflected how even the teams were; 5 goals to 5. The next stanza saw OBH nudge ahead and they were leading the match by one goal going into the last quarter. OBH only had 5 team members so they always had their team rotating on court with no one off. This meant that they gained consistency throughout the game with their players always in the match. However we left our best quarter til last and managed to score 4 goals to their one as our team were just too strong for them. This was a fair result as we did have more strength and depth to our team with our 7 players rotating throughout the match. This bodes very well for next week when they play 7 a side at Orwell Park.

U9 Red Team v Old Buckenham Hall

Won: 7-0

Player of the match: Bunny Young 

The girls had a cracking first quarter which saw them take the early lead, they passed the ball well up the court and were moving excellently into space.  This is the best game of netball I have seen them play all term and shows the progress they have made in their understanding and knowledge of the game.  Bunny Young was accurate in her shooting today scoring 5 out of the 7 goals for the team and rightly deserved the player as voted for by her team mates.

U9 White Team v Old Buckenham Hall

Drew: 1-1

Player of the match: Romilly Glover

This was the second game of the year for these girls and was made up of a combination of U1 and L1 girls.  The girls moved the ball nicely to each other however at times got quite close together not utilising the space on court.  It was a fair contest between OBH and Culford today which saw the ball go up and down the court in both directions.  Lots of promise with these girls and they have one final match next week.

U9 Green Team v Old Buckenham Hall

Lost: 1-7

Player of the match: Jasmine Steady

The green team girls have improved their netball passes and catches. They have learnt to move towards their goal and are trying harder to run into a space. We are beginning to see some interceptions and good effort with shooting goals. It has been lovely to see the progress and effort they made today.


Wednesday 15 November 

U9 Blue Team v South Lee

Won: 7-2

Player of the match: Iris Endean

The team played outstanding well from the start of the match with the attacking threesome of Isobel (C), Henrietta Wilson (GA) and Caitlin Magee (GS)working beautifully together. They managed to score 5 goals which was actually the pivotal quarter to the whole match. Iris Endean and Phoebe John where solid in defence and never let the South Lee shooters get near to the goal. Iris made so many interceptions and turned the ball over with every pass to her opponent. With each of the following quarters both teams managed to score a couple more goals, with ended with the match a comfortable win to Culford. This was a very nice match and had a lovely atmosphere both on and off the court. Well done to both teams and all players.

U9 Red Team v South Lee

Won 6-1

Player of the match: Ruby Burrows 

A fantastic game today for the U9 red team and their first win this season which certainly raised spirits.  The girls intercepted the ball excellently today and marked their opponents well resulting in turn over of the ball.  Second quarter saw Ruby Burrows in shooter and she was on fire today scoring 4 out of the 6 goals.  Great work and shows just how much progress the girls have made over the term

Monday 13 November 

The U9 girls team travelled to Ipswich Prep School for a High 5 tournament. It was a fun festival where scores were not counted for a final result but to give U9 girls more of an opportunity to play some competitive netball. Culford played some extremely good netball today and won all four of their matches.  They moved the ball well through the court and were successful in shooting at goal.


Culford 3 v 0 OBH

Culford 1 v 0 South Lee

Culford 2 v 1 Orwell Park

Culford 2 v 0 Ipswich Prep