Netball Results February 2018

Netball Results February 2018

Wednesday 7 February 
Culford v Framlingham Prep School 

U13A Lost 13-32 
Players of the match: Jessica Peters and Mia Moore

Culford improved as the match progressed and the score does not necessarily reflect the possession during the game.  Framlingham had an extremely strong GD so Culford struggled at times to get the ball to Lucy Samson-Jamil.   Mia Moore worked tirelessly in defence and made some invaluable interceptions within the shooting circle and Jessica Peters had a strong game at WD today making some incredible interceptions and supporting up the court.  As they settled Culford showed some strong netball, moving the ball successfully down the court to their shooters and reacted to the oppositions style of play with the final quarter being 3-4 so much closer. 

U13B Lost 0-40
Player of the match: Lia Cutmore 

The Culford girls were under pressure from the first whistle. Framingham were very fast and physical in their transitions and created space quickly. Culford were able to compete well in the middle third of the court but struggled in both the defensive and offensive thirds. The U13B did not give up and continued to try their best and this could be seen with the reduction of opposing goals being scored.

U12A Won 24-7
Players of the match: Anoushka Fernandes Cardy and Olivia Whyte 

The first quarter was a super start, with our attack linking up nicely and our defence intercepting the majority of passes. This resulted in a lead of 9 goals to 0. The second and third quarter however saw the girls lose focus and they gave the ball away with weak passes. They still went into the last quarter ahead, and regained focus in order to secure a 24-7 win.

Anoushka Fernandes Cardy was voted player of match by the opposition and Olivia Whyte received MVP from Mrs Kemp.

U12B Won 13-10
Player of the match: Whole Team 

After a very shaky start with Fram opening up a 6 1 lead after the first quarter, we had a 'pep talk' about slowing down and passing accurately. The team transformed! We went into the last quarter 11 10 up and held on to win 13-10. Every single player should be proud of this transformation.

U11A Lost 9-11
Player of the match: Lucia Meredith-Banton 

This was the best game that the team have played so far this season. Really well matched teams with end to end play, so close that after the first quarter the teams could not be separated with the score being 4-4. After another thrilling quarter, Framlingham just pulled away by one goal after Addie Hafermann sustained an injury and had to rest. The dynamics of the team altered slightly and the perfect passing that had been evident at the beginning of the match became more erratic. The second half of the game saw Culford score 3 more goals and Framlingham 4. This was a really close game and proved how much the Culford girls have improved. This bodes well for the IAPS tournament after half term when they travel to Felsted on Thursday 1 March.

U11B Lost 3-10
Player of the match: Libby Hart 

The girls played with commitment throughout the game and despite going 9-0 after the third quarter their spirits remained high. Fatima Nurpeissova found her confidence in the final quarter and scored 3 goals to narrow the final score somewhat. The 10-3 result was not representative of the possession throughout the game, as both teams had an equal amount of time on the ball. Once Culford girls fine tune their passing accuracy they will be able to be in a much stronger position when moving the ball towards their attacking end.    

U11C Lost 2-16
Player of the match: Emily Anderson 

A movement of players within teams at this age group this week meant that today’s ‘C’s had never actually played together as a team before. They coped well facing some very stiff competition. The Framingham girls played extremely skilfully and we just couldn’t match the speed and accuracy of their passes and attempts on goal. However, the C team girls never gave up and, captained by Lucy Taylor, showed real improvement in their play over the course of the match. Lola Gredley (GS) and Lottie Hinkley (WA) deserve special mention for their energy and movement around the court which supported the efforts of many of players as does Caitlin Kent whose importance to the team was more and more obvious as the match went on.

U11D Lost 2-15
Player of the match: Emily Bridges and Maria Rodriguez Andrews 

Despite a loss the girls played well and did not feel demoralised by the score. The team defended well and out witted their opponents with their great bounce passes! Emily Bridges and Maria Rodriguez Andrews made excellent use of the spaces and fought hard. The two of them play exceptionally well and lead the team well.