Netball Results March 2018

Netball Results March 2018

Wednesday 21 March
Netball v South Lee 

U13A 22-18 Win 
Player of the match: Mia Moore

U13B 14-1 Win
Player of the match: Freya Williams 

Netball v Town Close 

U11A 17-4 Win
Player of the match: Daniella Pam

U11B 6-2 Win
Player of the match: Libby Hart and Olivia Edwards

U11C 12-0 Win
Player of the match: Whole Team

U11D 6-1 Win
Player of the match: Elizabeth Gawthorpe 

U11E 11-1 Win
Player of the match: Charlotte James and Annabelle Moore 


Wednesday 14 March 
Netball v Town Close 

U13A Won 25-15
Player of the match: Isobel Melville-Ross and Madeline Lorriman-Hughes

U13B Lost 1-7
Player of the match: Amelia Loden 

U12A Won 20-12
Player of the match: Polly Cailes and Grace Baxter 

U12B Won 12-3 

U11A (C) Won 9-6
Player of the match: Lola Gredley

U11B (D) Won 3-1
Player of the match: Lottie Hinkley and Elizabeth Gawthorpe 

U11C (E) Won 6-0
Player of the match: Charlotte James 


Wednesday 7 March 
Prep School v Old Buckenham Hall 

U13A Won 22-21
Player of the match: Isobel Melville-Ross

This was an extremely close game.  Culford took the early lead winning the first quarter 10-3 however with IAPS the day before the girls began to fade as the game progressed.  OBH were not able to take the lead away from Culford and they finished the game 22-21 in Culford’s favour. However, there was some excellent passing and interceptions throughout the match.

U12A Won 15-3
Player of the match: Anoushka Fernandes-Cardy

Really good game with the girls showing a high intensity of gameplay. They defended well from the front and great defence at the backlimiting attacks from the opposition. The girls used the space well to stretch the OBH defence which created plenty of attacks of their own.

U11B Lost 0-17 (playing OBH A Team) 
Player of the match: Imogen Callaghan 

Unfortunately, our girls came up against a very well drilled and much taller opposition. They did battle hard but overhead passes were intercepted and elementary errors from Culford girls gave unnecessary free passes/shots to the OBH team. Full marks to the girls for their perseverance as despite the ever increasing OBH score they continued to play with enthusiasm and commitment right up until the final whistle.

U11B Lost 2-6 v Fairstead House 
Player of the match: Olivia Edwards

Again, a very gutsy performance from our girls. Despite going down 4-0 in the first half they rallied round and were beginning to show the form they can play with when the match was halted by OBH due to a misunderstanding in match timings. With a further 2 quarters the result may have been much closer and could possibly have seen a win. 

U11C Lost 8-12
Player of the match: Lola Gredley

By their own admission, the girls, did not fight as hard as they should have at the beginning of this match but they did steadily improve their performance as the quarters progressed and were playing a far tighter and more accurate game by the time the final whistle blew. Sadly, this was not enough to allow them to close the gap in goals which OBH had by that time opened up, but they should feel proud of the progress they made. First time captain Emily Anderson did a great job of encouraging and organising the other girls whilst most valued player, Lola Gredley, racked up the goals. Maria Rodriguez also deserves a mention for the huge support she gave to the whole team from her position of centre. The girls now need to work on developing the accuracy of their passes and practising intercepting passes between opposition players.