Netball, Wednesday 15th March vs Town Close

Netball, Wednesday 15th March vs Town Close




Match report



Alicia Hassan

The U13 girls had a storming match today where everything went right from the first whistle.  The girls moved the ball around well, playing some excellent netball and utilising everything we have been focusing on during the term.  Alicia Hassan played beautifully in the circle, holding her space, timing her movement and consistently shooting.  The timing of movement by all the team was spot on, was the best I have seen them play all term. 



Emily Holt and Harriet Taylor

The girls started tentatively and made one or two mistakes but soon warmed up and got into their stride. Some great passes by Emily Holt  and Marta Sagardoy in the circle ensured that we were able to pull away, with a final score of 18:11 to Culford. MVP was awarded to Emily Holt by the Town Close players and also to Harriet Taylor who ended up playing most of the match for Town Close due to an injury to one of their players.



Edlyn Rai

Another fabulous win for the U12A team. They started the match with amazing intent and were leading the match by 7 goals to 2 after the first quarter. The sun shone on the Headmaster’s court and also on the Culford team as they continued to play well and led half time 10-5. Some excellent shooting form Madeleine Lorriman-Hughes and Lucy Samson-Jamil helped the team to secure the victory which they thoroughly deserved. In defence Jessica Peters was very effective in the second half alongside the player of the match Edlyn Rai.



Leah Fitton and Patience Leslie

On a very warm March afternoon, the U11s hosted Town Close at Culford. Both teams were evenly matched, with some great interceptions and passing in the centre of the court. With the score at 1-1 at the end of the first quarter, then 3-4 by half time, Culford knew they would have to work hard. Leah Fitton, Anoushka Fernandes-Cardy and Polly Cailes in defence had made good use of their height to intercept the ball and Patience Leslie’s well-timed movements in the centre of the court, allowed Culford to pass the ball forward to Grace Baxter and Olivia Whyte in attack.  Culford finished the third quarter with the score even again at 6-6. A couple of positional changes in the team, saw Anoushka Fernandes-Cardy and Patience Leslie work tirelessly in defence in the final quarter to keep Town Close away from their goal. Polly Cailes, Lulu Surti and Georgie Stammers combined well to drive the ball up the court and the whole team was relieved when the final whistle ended play with Culford winning 9 goals to 7.



Jasmine Westcott and Millie Hansgate

The team worked very well together and fought well superb shooting from Anya Lorriman-Hughes and Charlotte Mole, and great interception from Jasmine Westcott.




Elsa Godfrey and Isabel Winter

On a very warm Wednesday afternoon, the U11 girls hosted Town Close at Culford. Culford started off very brightly with good attacking play. Erica Blanchard and Elsa Godfrey working well as an attacking force to gain a 3-1 lead after the first quarter. After some changes, the pattern of play didn’t change as Culford were much the stronger team with only their shooting letting them down. At half time the score was 6-1 to the Culford girls. Again, there were changes, but in the heat of yesterday and intensity of the first half the game slowed down slightly and this showed in the score line. At the end of the third quarter the score was 8-2 to Culford. The fourth quarter showed good play defensively and going forward, however, the girls were unable to convert chances into goals. In the end it didn’t matter to the outcome as the girls finished well with the final score being 10-2 to Culford.