Parent, Baby and Toddler Sessions at Culford

Parent, Baby and Toddler Sessions at Culford

Do you have a child aged between a few weeks and up to 3 years old? If so, join us at our Parent, Baby and Toddler sessions at Culford Pre-Prep and Nursery, just 10 minutes outside Bury St Edmunds. Each session offers a different activity for your child, as well as some lovely refreshments to enjoy together in our own Paddy & Scott’s café.

As well as getting to know parents in your area, Culford’s sessions give you an insight into life at the School. Culford’s purpose-designed Pre-Prep School, based in 480 acres of beautiful parkland, provides the perfect setting for children to develop, learn and grow.

Your child will be able to play and share with Nursery age children, developing their social skills and preparing them for school life. They will also get to know our dedicated Early Years teachers who are always on hand during the activities.

We offer three different sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that all focus on different learning objectives. 


Mini Art Explorers - Monday at 10.30am

Culford Mini Art Explorers is a chance to enhance your child's creativity and freedom of expression. Led by Emma Herd, a qualified art teacher, the children will use different mediums and textiles every week, making each session varied and valuable. Let your toddlers create masterpieces and have a messy time!  The cost of Parent, Baby & Toddler Mini Art Explorers is £5.00 per session plus £1.00 for every additional toddler, but no charge for a baby. 


Mini Active Movers - Wednesday at 9.00am

Mini Active Movers is led by our Pre-Prep PE teachers, Mrs Leslie and Mrs Hansgate. These sessions will allow your toddler to crawl, jump, roll and use up all of their energy. Following on from Mini Active Movers, you are invited to Paddy & Scott’s Café, in Culford’s Sports and Tennis Centre, for a weekly catch up. The cost of Parent, Baby & Toddler Mini Active Movers is £4.00 per session plus £1.00 for every additional toddler, but no charge for a baby. 


Hartbeeps - Friday at 9.30am

The cost of Parent, Baby & Toddler Hartbepps is £6.00 per session plus £1.00 for every additional toddler, but no charge for a baby. Hartbeeps begins with a coffee and a catch up for parents and play time for the children. This is followed by a music session aiming to enhance your child's early years experience. The sessions will be integrated with Culford Nursery, making it a great way to get to know the teachers and pupils at Culford. Those who attend Hartbeeps can also take part in a swimming session twice per term in our on-site pool, again followed by a catch up in the café. 


If you’d like to come along or find out more about the sessions, please contact Culford Pre-Prep and Nursery on 01284 385412 or email