Meet The Head of Sixth Form

Joining Culford’s Sixth Form is an exciting and defining moment.  You are entering the final stage of your secondary education and the choices you make here will be crucial to your success in later life.

At Culford we believe strongly that education should be challenging, enriching and fun, and that there are three key elements to success in the Sixth Form:

  • Academic excellence
  • Outstanding pastoral care
  • Personal development

Culford Sixth Form – More Than Just Academic Excellence

Stephen Arbuthnot

Attending Culford Sixth Form doesn’t just give you the chance to achieve vital academic grades; it also gives you the chance to develop the personal qualities that are arguably even more important in the long term.

A Culford Sixth Form education will give you the pastoral care to make academic excellence possible.  It will provide you with the ability to not only make a competitive application to university, but also to present yourself to others as a well-rounded, impressive and articulate candidate in the employment market, with the social and interpersonal skills necessary to make the most of your academic talents.

This is the added value of the Sixth Form that you will experience at Culford: a stage of your education that will look outwards beyond the academic to the full engagement of you as an individual.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Culford Sixth Form. The challenges are great but the rewards are greater.

Stephen Arbuthnot 

Head of Sixth Form