Academic Results

Culford School pupils’ exam results are a constant source of pride. Year-in-year-out Culford pupils excel in their GCSE and A-Level exams, fulfilling their academic potential and arming themselves with the knowledge and skills required for the next stage of their education.

Success Through Partnership

Culford’s exam success is the result an educational partnership between our pupils and the School. By focusing our attention on developing our pupils key learning and reasoning abilities, such as independent thinking and enquiry, reflection, tenacity and confidence, we help them develop the skills required for success, not just in exams, but in life.

Our approach is supplemented by paying close attention to pupils’ learning journeys and by carefully tracking their performance we are able to create personalised support plans when required.

In 2016, Culford celebrated another excellent set of GCSE results with 45% of all grades at A* or A grade. The results were also brilliant for A Level; 59% of all grades were at A*- B level and 80% were A*- C. 

GCSE Grades  A* and A A* to B A* to C
2016 45% 71% 91%
2015 51% 76% 91%
2014 43% 68% 91%
2013 41% 72% 95%
2012 40% 70% 93%
2011 50% 78% 95%
2010 45% 71% 91%
2009 61% 81% 95%
A Level Grades A* and A A* to B A* to C   A to E
2016 30% 59% 80% 99%
2015 26% 56% 78% 100%
2014 30% 61% 82% 98%
2013 24% 54% 82% 99%
2012 31% 57% 80% 99.5%
2011 53% 76% 87% 99%
2010 30% 59% 84% 99.5%
2009 41% 69% 90% 99%

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Full Tutor Support

Culford operates a tutorial system: pupils see their tutors daily and the Fourth Form (Year 9), Lower Fifth (Year 10) and Upper Fifth (Year 11) enjoy a dedicated one hour tutorial each week. This personal support enhances each pupils learning journey and allows them to have input into the setting of targets and analysis and review of assessments and reports. This level of support is often mentioned in our Pupil Questionnaires as being of real value to the children: and the fact that they can have one-to-one support from their teachers at any time is a real bonus.

Crucially, Culford’s subject selection framework allows pupils to make informed choices as to the subjects they study at GCSE and A-level.  This, coupled with our excellent Careers Programme, means we can help your child achieve their life goals.

Find out more about Culford School

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