Art and DT

Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and other artistic media are richly explored within Culford Prep School’s Art Department. We ensure that we tap creative impulses of all our pupils, whatever skills they possess. 

Art Curriculum

During lessons, children work on an individual basis to create clay models, paintings and sculptures but also in small groups, making beautiful pieces of art to be displayed around the Prep quad and the Library. 

In 2016, the children in First Form (Years 3 and 4) enjoyed working with clay and were introduced to basic hand building techniques when constructing models. Second Form (Years 5 and 6) studied the work of Hundertwasser and produced a superb display of paintings and model buildings based on the artist’s work.

Annual Art Exhibition on Celebration Day

 Prep School’s annual Celebration Day is held in May and is a chance to showcase the pupils work with an exhibition. Parents, guardians and friends of Culford are invited to the Art Department to view the wide variety of work. They are also able to take part in a print making workshop led by the pupils.


Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are available at 13+ and 16+ and may be awarded to the value of up to 25% of tuition fees. Exhibitions are worth up to 10% of tuition fees. Click here to find out more.