Becoming an OC

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Who is an Old Culfordian (OC)?

Any former pupil or member of the Common Room of Culford or the East Anglian Schools is considered an Old Culfordian.

We also welcome contact from former parents; we appreciate that you have spent hours on touchlines, supporting plays and performances and paying years’ worth of school fees. If you would like to continue to be kept in touch with Culford and receive invitations to events, please ensure we have your email contact details by signing up to Culford Online.

Register for Culford Online here

Old Culfordian (OC) joining Fee

There is a one-off payment of £75 which is charged to each pupil who joins the Senior School which covers the Old Culfordian (OC) joining fee. The fee is invoiced in the Spring term after the pupil joins the Senior School and entitles all current and former pupils to receive a copy of FOCuS which is the magazine for all Culford alumni and provides information on all re-union events.

What can I do as an Old Cufordian?

We hope that you will wish to support our events, which will also provide you with networking opportunities and occasions to visit the School and catch up with old friends.

We are always delighted to hear your memories of your schooldays and receive information, photographs and memorabilia for the archives.  Please log onto Culford Online for the latest news and up to date information.

We are always grateful to receive gifts towards our fundraising activities and you will find the most up to date information about our current projects here.

What do I need to do to join?

Simply register with us either by phone, post or email with your contact details. We will add you to our database and enable you to renew contact with the School and other Old Culfordians. 

What if I want to remain anonymous?

We will respect your privacy under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not use your details in any other way than described above, and we do not pass them on to third parties without your explicit permission.

Will I receive The Culfordian?

You will receive FOCuS, our alumni newsletter, free of charge annually. Rising costs mean that we cannot send free copies of The Culfordian to all OCs. If you do wish to receive it, however, you may do so by subscribing. The most recent copy of The Culfordian is £10 including postage and packing or £12.50 for overseas subscribers. Please telephone 01284 385310 if you wish to order one.