Culford Oak Donor Tree

Sponsoring a leaf on the Oak Donor Tree is a unique way to be part of the Culford landscape.

The tree is now in the foyer of the new library, so visitors can see this beautiful work of art and the individual leaves which recognise the gifts from alumni, parents and friends of the School. The Donor Tree faces the King of the Park, Culford's oldest tree, an oak which dates from c.1591 and is now very likely in the last 100 years of its life. The Donor Tree has one hundred golden coloured leaves and while many are already named, there are still some available for sponsorship and a personal dedication of your choosing.

The Donor Tree initially raised funds to go towards the building of a £2.2million landmark library, which was opened in September 2015. The remaining leaves are available for dedication, and the funds raised will be donated to other Culford School Foundation projects. If you wish to dicuss where your donation goes please contact Samantha Salisbury, Foundation Director, for a confidential conversation.

Purchasing a Leaf

The Culford Oak Donor Tree has one hundred leaves and we would be delighted to accommodate requests for specific leaves if they have not already been dedicated. Leaves cost £2,500 to sponsor; however, this may be paid for monthly over a period of up to three years, either by an individual, family or group of sponsors. 

For example, a group of four individuals could purchase a leaf for just £17.50 per person per calendar month over 36 months, or £13.89 with Gift Aid. 

However, there are many other options for purchasing a leaf, please contact us for a discussion on how to best accommodate your needs.

find out how gift aid can increase the value of your donation