Freshers' Week

Your first week in Lower Sixth (Year 12) will be packed with activities to enable you to settle in quickly and make friends, as well as develop new skills.

freshers week students

The whole Lower Sixth have their own dedicated Freshers’ Week. Before you attend a single lesson you will be taken off to the Peak District for three days of fun and team building. You will build rafts, traverse gorges, navigate underground caves, and help each other abseil down cliffs.

New Students, New Friends

Freshers’ Week ensures that by the end of just seven days everyone has bonded as a year group, as well as begun a development journey as you start to test your leadership and teamwork skills. Even if you have never done this before, we can assure you that you will have a great time, learn new skills and, as importantly, make new friends too.

"After Freshers' Week, it felt like we had known each other for years"

Will, new to Culford Sixth Form

Typically Culford's Lower Sixth will be joined by up to 30 new students in September; so if you are new to Culford, you will definitely not be the only one. More than two-thirds of Sixth Formers are boarders and benefit from an exciting mix of weekend activities and the chance to have tutors and teachers on hand to help with school work and exam preparation.

Sixth Form is Different

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Even if you have joined Culford Sixth Form from Upper Fifth, you will find that Sixth Form is different. You have more independence and increased responsibility. This is a time for you to develop yourself as an individual, with your own personal interests, capable of expressing your point of view and beliefs with confidence.

At Culford School we believe that education should be challenging, enriching and fun, and this is especially true in our Sixth Form. Pupils will leave the Sixth Form looking back with fond memories and life-long friends, but looking forward with excitement and readiness.

Sixth Formers also benefit from a year-round Enrichment Programme which includes termly seminars, social events and a wellbeing conference.

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Sixth Form Selfie Film

In autumn 2015 our Sixth Form Prefects worked with a professional film company to create a fun ‘selfie’ film showing how Sixth Form is challenging, enriching and fun.