Jubilee Scholarships

Jubilee Scholarships may be awarded for outstanding talent in any category, or for a combination of talents that enable the pupil to make a significant all round contribution to Culford as a boarding school. These awards are open to day and boarding pupils of all ages and are worth up to 25% of fees.


Culford Cricket Pavillion

These awards are available to pupils upon entry to Lower Third (Year 7), Fourth Form (Year 9) and Lower Sixth (Year 12) who are likely to contribute exceptionally to the overall life of the school. The number of awards given each year is not fixed and awards are available to both day and boarding pupils.

If a pupil wishes to apply for an individual scholarship, applicants are also welcome to submit an application for a Headmaster’s Jubilee Scholarship, by simply completing the Jubilee Scholarship section included in the individual scholarship application form, and seeking endorsement from their current School Head.

There is a stand-alone Headmaster’s Jubilee Scholarship form to be completed by applicants who have chosen not to apply for an individual scholarship.


A pupil who is in receipt of a Headmaster’s Jubilee Scholarship is required to work hard, contribute positively to the life of the school and to be a credit to the school and to set a good example to other pupils. Successful candidates will have extra-curricular and academic strengths and are likely to be very close to the level expected of individual subject scholars in more than one area. Preference will be given to applicants willing to board and bursary assistance may be available to support this.

Candidates will be required to:

  • Submit an application form
  • Demonstrate academic ability achieved to date, providing a recent school report showing effort and attainment
  • Attend an assessment day and an interview with the Headmaster and/or Deputy Head, or Prep School Head
  • Achieve a satisfactory performance in the School Entrance or Scholarship Examinations
  • Provide outstanding references from their current School
  • Include a letter from their current Head endorsing their application

Candidates are expected to show academic ability and stamina in order to balance the pace and demands of the broad curriculum with the fulfilment of academic potential. In addition, applicants are required to identify and detail two areas of strength from the following areas of school life:

Drama outside at Culford School


Applicants must be fully involved in the dramatic life of the school and will have enjoyed a major role in school productions either on stage or backstage in technical support.


Applicants must be fully committed to the musical life of the school and be working towards public examinations in at least one musical instrument (the voice is classed as an instrument). At 11+ candidates should be approaching Grade 3, at 13+ candidates should be approaching Grade 5, and at 16+ candidates should be approaching Grade 7 in at least one instrument.


Applicants are required to present a portfolio of work to demonstrate creative skill and achievement, and commitment to the creative life of the school. The work may include sketchbook drawing and evidence of artistic interest (e.g. gallery and museum visits)

Design Technology

Applicants are required to present examples of work which demonstrate significant creative skill and achievement. They must outline evidence of research, design specification, evidence of manufacture and evaluation of the outcome against the design specification.


Applicants must be fully involved in the sporting life of the school, with ‘A’ team representation in at least two competitive school sports. In addition, candidates should show sporting ambition beyond school, through club and/or county representation.

More information?

Culford Admissions Office would be delighted to offer candidates pre-scholarship advice or answer any queries you may have about Jubilee Scholarships at Culford School. Please email scholarships@culford.co.uk for more information or call Bury St Edmunds 01284 385308.

For details of examination dates, please click here to view the key dates for entry.