Nursery Testimonials

Culford School Pre-Prep & Nursery: A Special Place

Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery is a special place: everyone who visits it agrees and the glowing testimonials from parents certainly attest to that.  But what is it that makes Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery so special?  Is it the exceptionally low child-teacher ratio with around 12 pupils per class?  Is it the exemplary onsite facilities and Culford’s wonderful parkland? Or is it the teachers whose passion for what they do drives them to go the extra mile, day in day out?  Well, as with the rest of Culford, it seems to be a combination of these elements coming together to create an exceptional whole.

Culford Nursery Parent Testimonials

“At four years old our daughter is learning to read, write, count, play tennis, swim, play, share and dance; what more could a four year old want from school?”

NPS Survery 2015

"After having two daughters at the Culford Nursery in recent years I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents. The experience was fantastic for both the girls and myself and my husband. The staff are exceptional and whilst both girls moved up to the next part of Culford School it was still a very sad day when my youngest left the Nursery."

Mrs E. John

"Excellent Nursery. I would highly recommend Culford School Nursery. It provided my daughter with an excellent start to school life and an easy transition into the Pre-Prep School. The Nursery and playground were well equipped and the staff was extremely supportive and friendly."

Mrs K. Dearman

"Having had a daughter at Culford Nursery in recent years I would recommend it to anyone.  It was a fun yet educationally stimulating experience providing an invaluable introduction to the next stage of school.  The staff are very supportive to both the child and parents, exposing the children to a large range of activities particularly making the most of the fantastic outdoor facilities and close ties to the other parts of the school." 

Mrs S. Ruffles

"Excellent Day Nursery. Caring, encouraging and patient staff and teachers. A good balance of structured sessions learning English, maths and science in a fun way but also time for self-play and investigation with small class sizes and catering for individual needs. A wide range of activities offered including music, art, ICT, PE, ballet and tennis lessons. Lovely outdoor play area. Our children gained confidence and became more independent. An excellent start and good grounding for the reception year at School. Highly recommended."

Mrs S. Draper