Pre-Prep Fees

Pre-Prep Year Groups

Culford Form Age at 1 Sept 2015 Born between 1 Sept - 31 Aug National Curriculum Year Group
Pre-Reception 2-3* 2010-2011 Nursery
PPReception 4 2009-2010 Reception
PP1 5 2008-2009 Year 1
PP2 6 2007-2008 Year 2

* Please note that Culford School Pre-Reception accepts children at the beginning of the term in which they have their third birthday.

Pre-Reception Fees 2016/17

Session Cost
Morning Session including lunch 8.30am - 1.10pm £26.50 per session
Afternoon Session 1.10pm - 3.40pm £13.50 per session
Full Day (including lunch) 8.30am - 3.40pm £40.00 per day
Rising 3s 8.30am - 1.10pm (inc. lunch), 1.10pm-3.40pm £20.00 per session
Occasional After School Care (4.00pm-6.00pm) £7.00 per hour
Full time week £240.00 per week

Pre-Reception Loyalty Scheme

We’re delighted to announce our Pre-Reception loyalty scheme is now in operation. The scheme allows parents of children in Culford Pre-Reception receive discounts of up to £800 against their Reception and PP1 summer term fees. The table below shows how the discounts are calculated and the level of loyalty discount on offer. 

  Sessions per year Credit to bill in PPR Credit to bill in PP1
Equal to  5 days a week  £800 £800
Between 3 and up to  4 days a week  £640 £640
Between 2 and up to  3 days a week  £480 £480
 Equal to 2 days a week  £320 £320
 Less than 2 days   Nil Nil

Given many children in Culford Pre-Reception will attend on a part-time basis – often involving half day sessions – the loyalty scheme has been devised on the basis of total weekly sessions rather than full days. So, if your three-year old child attends 6 half day sessions per week (equating to 3 full days) they would be eligible for £480 discount against their final year fees.

 If you would like to know more about the loyalty scheme, the please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Preston on (01284) 385412 or email the Admissions Department on

Pre-Prep Day Fees 2016/17

Year Group Per Term Per Annum
Reception (PPR) £2,870 £8,610
PP1 £3,000 £9,000
PP2 £3,140 £9,420

After School care is an additional £7.00 per hour. 

Learning Development is £28 per 40 minutes individual lesson or proportionate charge for group sessions.

Interest Charges

The Governors reserve the right to vary the level of interest charged on overdue accounts. Such interest charge is without prejudice to the Governors' right to withdraw a place from any pupil whose fees are not paid in full by the first day of the following term.

The Governors have agreed that the rate of interest to be charged on overdue accounts with effect from 01 September 2011 will be 1.5% per month.