Senior School & Sixth Form Fees

Senior School & Sixth Form Year Groups 2019/20

Age Group Age at 1 Sept 2019 Born between 1 Sept - 31 Aug National Curriculum Year Group
Fourth Form 13 2006-2007 Year 9
Lower Fifth 14 2005-2006 Year 10
Upper Fifth 15 2004-2005 Year 11
Lower Sixth 16 2003-2004 Year 12
Upper Sixth 17 2002-2003 Year 13

Senior School & Sixth Form Fees 2019/20

Fouth Form - Upper Sixth Per Term Per Annum
Day Fees (incl. all meals) £6,665 £19,995
UK Boarding £10,395 £31,185
International  £11,100 £33,300

Part Boarding 

Nights per week Per term Per annum
Three £8,415 £25,242

Occasional Boarding 

Occasional boarding is subject to availability a maximum of 10 times per term, and bed are allocated on a first come, first served basis. It is priced at £60 per night.

Year Group Cost per night
All Senior School £60.00 per night

Optional Subjects (for Prep and Senior Pupils)

Subjects Cost per session
Learning Development £30.00 per 40 minutes individual lesson or proportionate charge for group lessons.
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

£29.00 per 40 minute individual lesson

£10.00 per group session per 40 minutes

£12.50 per hour for supported reading

Music/Drama Lessons £24.00 per 30 minute lesson
Dance Lessons By private arrangement

Interest Charges

The Governors reserve the right to vary the level of interest charged on overdue accounts. Such interest charge is without prejudice to the Governors' right to withdraw a place from any pupil whose fees are not paid in full by the first day of the following term.

The Governors have agreed that the rate of interest to be charged on overdue accounts with effect from 01 September 2011 will be 1.5% per month.