Sporting Ethos

The sporting ethos places the individual pupil at the centre of the decision making. The opportunities we provide reflect our aim to meet each pupil’s aspirations and ambitions to enable them to meet their sporting goals.

Football, Tennis and Golf Academies

Our football, tennis and golf academies attract pupils from across the UK and further afield. The U18 boys' tennis team are the current National Champions.

Sport at Culford – Opportunities Galore

Culford has outstanding facilities and the bedrock of our sports programme is to deliver a vehicle for personal development, challenge and enjoyment. At the core are team sports, and an ethos in which competition is embraced by pupils of all abilities. The opportunity to contribute to a team engenders a sense of identity and pride in the school.

Nurturing Sporting Talent

In addition to first class major games provision, Culford provides breadth and excellence in coaching to ensure continuity for those pupils whose aspirations are found outside the arena of traditional games. In addition, talented swimmers, cricket, netball, rugby, hockey, football, golf and tennis players can access tailor-made coaching programmes at the highest level and combine this with an excellent academic education.

Sport for All

The Culford sporting journey begins, for some, at the age of four. A clear and progressive pathway, underpinned by respected principles, is essential to ensure the long-term athletic development of each child.

A timetable that ensures year groups are taught separately by highly qualified staff ensures both the quality of delivery and clarity of focus at each stage of every pupil’s sporting journey.