Strength & Conditioning

Culford’s strength and conditioning programme supports pupils through their long-term journey as an athlete to enable them to reach their physical and mental sporting capabilities by the time they leave the school.



Our strength and conditioning programme provides a long-term development pathway for pupils aged 7-18 and is designed to educate young athletes on their health and performance. We work as an interdisciplinary team with sports coaches and a physiotherapist to support all Culford pupils who wish to enhance and maximise their physical and sporting capabilities.

Strength and Conditioning Programmes

We offer different levels of programmes to meet the interest and sporting ambitions of young athletes.  From our mini programme (under 10 years) to our high performance training programmes for National and International competitors, our programmes will meet the needs of athletes of all levels and aspirations.  

Our programmes offer:

  • Fundamental athletic skill-building
  • Individualised strength and power training
  • Pilates
  • Conditioning for aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular development
  • Speed, agility and quickness training
  • Sporting performance enhancement
  • Screening assessments
  • Fitness testing