Tiny Tots Tennis

Run by tennis coach Ashton Pepper, the sessions take place every Friday morning at 8.30am and are designed for Nursery age children. 

Tiny Tots Tennis at Culford Pre-Prep

Our aim is to introduce the fundamentals of tennis in a fun and enjoyable way and by learning at a young age, we hope the children will develop a great new skill for life, whether as a competitive player or just for the sheer enjoyment of playing.

The pupils are taught about spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination through a range of fun games. They are also encouraged to hold their tennis racket properly throughout the sessions, with the aim that this will become second nature by the end of the year.

Individual tennis lessons are also available for children aged 4 and above at Culford Sports and Tennis Centre.

Find out more?

If you are interested in Tiny Tots Tennis or individual lessons for your child, please contact Fieldgate on 01284 385412 or email Fieldgate@culford.co.uk for more information.