Culford Prep pupil eating lunch

Both boarders and day pupils benefit from a nutritious and balanced diet at Culford School. Our in-house caterers, Edwards and Blake, provide an excellent selection of meals for the children three times a day with a varied choice at each meal time.

Late meals are provided for pupils who take part in individualised programmes or activities which causes them to miss the scheduled meal times.

At lunch and supper, pupils are able to select from a hot meal, the salad bar or a combination of both.

Culford school salad bar

Hot choices include a main dish, a vegetarian option, a side dish, a vegetable dish and a dessert. These change daily and include meals such as cottage pie and vegetables, chicken curry or roast dinner. The salad bar boasts a wide selection of fresh vegetables, deli meats and pasta salads.

Pupils are encouraged to make healthy balanced choices at meal times and younger children are supervised to ensure they do this.  Boarders are also provided with several breakfast options as well as snacks in the boarding houses.

Prep School Menus for Autumn 2018

Menus are rotated each week from the three below for both lunch and supper.

Questions about catering at Culford?

If you have any queries about the above menus or any other aspect of catering at Culford School, please contact us on  Trevor Baines, Catering Manager, will be happy to assist.