Wellbeing at Culford

We believe in delivering a holistic education that enables pupils to feel confident and have positive self-esteem, while recognising what to do when challenges arise that allow individuals to build resilience and developing coping strategies. Mental wellbeing is dynamic and it can change quickly, pupils need to recognise this and feel empowered to respond with to the ups and downs of daily life by recognising what works for them. With over half of our academic staff trained in Youth Mental First Aid training, we are skilled in recognising the needs of pupils and supporting them through difficult times, often with the support of the Medical centre team and other trained professionals. Building positive relationships is key and pupils are encouraged to talk openly about their emotions, either with staff, prefect mentors or the peer counsellor team. A friendly ear is always available!

Gavin Reynolds, Assistant Head (Pastoral)

At Culford your child will benefit from:

  • Over half of the teaching staff trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Pupils have access to see counsellors and if a Clinical Psychologist
  • The Pupil Safeguarding Committee
  • Pupil Peer Counsellors
  • Sixth Form Wellbeing Conference
  • Staff trained in Growth Mindset, which is built into the curriculum
  • Dedicated individual tutorials
  • Specific dietary advice
  • Balance built into the curriculum (e.g. time to work rest and play)
  • Healthy lifestyle programme
  • On-site medical centre with access to GP

Medical Centre

All boarders are registered as NHS patients with the School Medical Officer. This local GP (General Practitioner) from Victoria Surgery in Bury St Edmunds takes a close interest in the pupils at Culford. Victoria Surgery provides a twice-weekly GP surgery for boarders at the school's Medical Centre. The Centre is in close proximity to the boarding Houses and provides comfortable accommodation for boarders if they are unwell. There is also a quiet room that is used for sensitive meetings and counselling.